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Belal Badat Ventures

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About Us

Belal Badat Ventures was founded in 2022 by Ahmed Belal and Mujtaba (MJ) Badat. Ahmed and MJ have worked in the tech industry for over ten years and began angel investing in 2016.

As a founding member of Doximity's (NYSE: DOCS) growth team, Ahmed helped build the largest medical network in the U.S. with over a million medical professionals and 80% of physicians as members. During his time at Doximity, Ahmed worked as a full-stack software engineer, growth product manager, and product partnerships lead. At Nextdoor, Ahmed led user growth and connected neighbors to their neighborhoods. He helped grow Nextdoor's adoption to one in three U.S. households and accelerated growth in over ten countries.

A healthcare technology industry veteran, MJ applies his multidisciplinary background in marketing, computer science, and statistics to create innovative products for medical professionals. For the past eight years, he’s helped grow Doximity from a small startup into the largest online network of medical professionals. After successfully leading the evolution of numerous career products, MJ was tapped by Doximity’s CEO Jeff Tagney to spearhead Doximity’s entry into direct staffing, where he drove the acquisition of THMED, now named Curative. MJ served as Curative’s Chief Growth Officer for 3 years before switching his focus to investing.

Investment Strategy

We invest $25,000 to $100,000 into pre-seed to seed stage startups based in the U.S. and Canada. We look for teams that have strong founder-market fit and a live product with early traction. We enjoy pairing with founders on their user and customer growth strategies. While we don't exclusively invest in any particular industry, we have a preference for health tech, recruiting & staffing, and B2B SaaS startups.


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